We combine creativity, thinking and art.

Creativity is our asset which paves the way to provide the best in-class marketing solutions to our partners.

Puffer Fish turn companies into brands and assist them to promote their businesses in the most efficient way. Our team is passionate to entirely transform your marketing structure by the means of creativity and critical analysis.

About Company
We Create Personality!

Your brand identity distinguishes your brand from others. We understand and define your core brand values and get you closer with customers, increase engagement and stand out from the competition..

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We create Digital Identity!

Our digital world is persistently changing and evolving to keep up with rapid advancements in new technology. We approach digitally via E- Branding, E- Advertising, Digital Marketing. We design digital content that flows seamlessly across all platforms ensuring it is flexible.

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01. Think


We discuss with our clients to get their ideas and put forth our creative plans towards the project untill the client finds it is ready to go!

02. Walk


We bring ideas to a project, placing client's product and target audience under the microscope until we find an insight that lifts a brand out of the ordinary and gives it a new story.

03. Pace


We bring a brand to life, by using creativity, visuals that helps us building the brand. Our primary concern is to inspire everyone with appealing brand.

04. Win


We oversee every stage of production to ensure nothing is mislaid between the vision and reality, that everything is fully detailed and ready to launch.

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